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wow! this explains a lot! i use Wikipedia almost daily. it has always been a great source to use to check against another source for informatio­n accuracy. lately i have been a little disappoint­ed with the site. some of my recent searches returned pages where the most informativ­e informatio­n on the page was the name of the subject i was looking for. the rest of the wiki looked like it was severely half-@ssed in its content updating. there were 3 or 4 word incomplete sentences where there should been descriptio­ns. oh well! this is why i use multiple references when i look up informatio­n.
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Quick Note 5 AUG 11



FEELING: Not as bad. Dare I say content
LISTENING TO: My head telling me to get off of here

SUMMARY: Random thought because I feel better today

today is Friday and it’s the end of the week and i have nothing to show for it. well, with the exception that i don’t feel so nauseous this morning and i didn’t throw up my medicine last night. woo hoo on that! i need for my body to get some nutrients or i will never get better.

i am keeping this short due to needing to go to the Unemployment Office this morning to get them to straighten out the mess they made with my benefits. i also have to resubmit paperwork today to get healthcare assistance due to their screw up. this is after i had someone personally fast-track my paperwork. after that, i have a 2:30 doctor’s appointment to have more tests ran. this is why i need the paperwork from the Unemployment Office to be corrected. i cannot submit the assistance paperwork without it.when the results of the test come back, i hope this will help put my treatment on the correct path. wish me luck!

there’s more stuff, but i have to keep this brief. i need to keep myself focused because i have a lot to do today.


Sick of it all



FEELING: Hot and Agitated
LISTENING TO: That tiny voice in the back of my head telling me to calm down

SUMMARY: Another wasted day due to trying to “get better” coupled with fuckery from the Kentucky Department of Unemployment Insurance

today started off like most of my days. i hear the alarm to take my medication. i get up and take it and go right back to bed. that’s because it’s 6 am and nothing good happens at 6 am. i had the added benefit of taking extra medication that was prescribed for me on Friday. since i have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for this Friday to check how the new medication affected my system, i thought it was in my best interest to take the medicine. well, let’s say it has been BAD TIMES all day due to that medicine! i have been walking very slowly and making sure i make no unnecessary movements so that i can keep the stabbing pains and urges to vomit to a minimum. the medicine is an antibiotic to help with what my doctor thinks is post nasal drip that’s not clearing up. well, it is having the opposite effect. image having a huge glob of mucus constantly show up out of no where with no where to go because it has blocked the airways. which in turn, brings the queasy feeling right back to center stage. you get the point. well, enough with that nastiness for now. in 1 1/2 hour i get to take my evening medication without getting over the AM medication effects. oh well! i guess this is the price of getting well.

now this is how you kick a man when he is down!

while sitting here and not feeling well, i was all up in my head. something told me to check my bank account to see if my direct deposit from Unemployment Insurance has been deposited. it is normally deposited on Thursday of the week the request is filed. there was no check on Thursday or Friday of last week. i chalked up to processing delay. Monday i was too busy trying catch things up that are due at the 1st of the month that it took my focus away. today was a different story. i was bedridden and had to do something constructive. 1st step, i went to the KY Dept. of Unempl. Ins. website to see if it showed that i requested a check. i was greeted with a message in big letters, “YOUR BENEFITS HAVE EXHAUSTED FOR YOUR CURRENT CLAIM. FILE A NEW CLAIM.” i looked over to the letter on the bed next to me that i received from the KY Dept. of Unempl. Ins. less than 30 days earlier that said i had over $22,000 on my claim and it had my weekly amount. so i looked back at website, i go out of the website, clear my cookies and history from my browser and tried it again. still, i was greeted with that message. you know i am good and confused at this point. i made sure to pull up a copy of the confirmation that i received when i requested my check. 2nd step, i immediately called the KY Dept. of Unempl. Ins.offices in Frankfort, which is our state capital. after being hung up on, calling back and being blind transferred to a department that “accidentally” hung up on me again, i was starting to get upset. remember, i couldn’t show out or talk crazy because of how bad the medicine had me feeling. i had to basically “smile talk” through clinched teeth. when i called back the third time, i calmly explained my situation and said that if they could not help me, please get me a supervisor to straighten this out. after a little research, i was told that there is a system glitch for people who had not exhausted their benefits on their original unemployment claim that go back to work and made enough money to qualify for a new claim. i was told that happens but not that often. WTF! how do i keep being the unlucky recipient of these rare situations?! i was told that a new claim had to be filed. i guess the website was accurate. which would process overnight that needed to be stopped tomorrow. this is due to the funds that i accumulated while working from Oct. of last year to May of this year would severely decrease my funds to an amount that’s more than 50% less than i am receiving now. after the new claim that i filed today [after locating tax paperwork and employer information, it is 30 minutes minimum to file a new claim] is stopped tomorrow and the claim that’s holding up my check is reinstated, i then have to drive my ass to the Unemployment Office tomorrow to get them to request manual checks for the past 2 weeks. right now, there is so much tension in the back of my neck. my airway is barely opened and i am still feeling ill.

right now, i can do nothing but imagine that i am holding myself extremely tight. the stress combined with the way i feel physically is trying to overwhelm me. i am going to find a spot on the floor in a pitch black room until this feeling passes.


Happy August and Happy Monday



FEELING: Somewhat better than normal
LISTENING TO: Sound of oscillating fan

SUMMARY: Make a game plan beginning now to take control of my life

there are 2 things that make this time right now exciting for me. 1st is this month started on a Monday and 2nd it’s the beginning of a new month. if you are like me and always struggling to keep track of time and place, this is a big deal! i will try to keep a daily account of everything that i did, should have done and needed to do. my days go by so fast that i cannot tell you what happened. i wake up in the morning and the next thing i realize, it's time to go to bed. if you asked me what i did during the day, i honestly would not be able to account for the entire day. i know this sounds crazy, but it's true. it's like a chapter out of a really screwed up science fiction novel. this makes me sad because i am so used to being productive. i did get some things accomplished today.

1. balanced my budget for the month
2. applied for financial assistance with different government agencies
3. researched medication interactions
4. fellowshipped with my stepmother who i haven't talked to since 2009
5. and wrote this blog even though it's right before the day is over.

on that note, i will spend the last few minutes of August 1st just chilling.


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