Victoria's Secret Destroys Returned, Unworn Merchandise


after reading the comments, i get the understand­ing that a lot of the readers do not understand how businesses conduct themselves­. regardless of the act being wasteful, shameful or extreme, at the end of the day, Victoria Secret can do ANYTHING with the merchandis­e that IT owns. the clerk' actions were in poor taste, but were still following company policy. those calling to pull stupid pranks, GROW UP! those with faux outrage, find a REAL cause to get behind! i'm sure that coming to the aid of a pair of pink sweatpants will neither enrich nor enhance your lives.
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i HAVE TO organize my life…..


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i am about to start “ORGANIZE-FEST 2011” in a few minutes. i have to get some type of order in my life. this is going to start with a complete spring clean of my apartment. i am in that place where everything is organized and unorganized at the same time. i have things in their stacks, piles, bundles, etc. but those things are all over the place. i have to find a place for them or out with the trash they go. there is no need for junk or false nostalgia aka stuff i will never look at again. the current memory was enough.

after the organizing and spring cleaning of the apartment, it’s off to the laundromat. i have not done laundry since July of last year. at that time, it had been 6 months since the last time it was done. i am dreading this. in order to wash my clothes, i have to remove all of Jackson’s hair from them. that takes a couple of hours by itself.  i have to spend 2 hours or more with a lint brush, lint rollers and pet hair brush just to do this. once that’s finished, i have to drag it all to the laundry and then it takes 3 or more hours to wash and fold everything. BAD TIMES!

after i hit send, i will start up the radio with some old school house music queued up on cassette. yes! i did say cassette. LOL i will not stop until i can see a noticeable difference in my place. i am hoping all of the organizing will affect other parts of my life whether directly or indirectly. wish me luck with this.


9 Gadgets That Smartphones Made Obsolete


it's strange, but this article is quite accurate for me. i bought a voice recorder, alarm clock and wristwatch that have not been used since getting an iPhone.
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