Quick Note 5 AUG 11


FEELING: Not as bad. Dare I say content
LISTENING TO: My head telling me to get off of here

SUMMARY: Random thought because I feel better today

today is Friday and it’s the end of the week and i have nothing to show for it. well, with the exception that i don’t feel so nauseous this morning and i didn’t throw up my medicine last night. woo hoo on that! i need for my body to get some nutrients or i will never get better.

i am keeping this short due to needing to go to the Unemployment Office this morning to get them to straighten out the mess they made with my benefits. i also have to resubmit paperwork today to get healthcare assistance due to their screw up. this is after i had someone personally fast-track my paperwork. after that, i have a 2:30 doctor’s appointment to have more tests ran. this is why i need the paperwork from the Unemployment Office to be corrected. i cannot submit the assistance paperwork without it.when the results of the test come back, i hope this will help put my treatment on the correct path. wish me luck!

there’s more stuff, but i have to keep this brief. i need to keep myself focused because i have a lot to do today.


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XIRUS said...

well, the good feelings that i had this morning are long gone. they left me about 4:30 pm after dealing with my extremely long and emotional doctor's appointment followed by my trip to the Unemployment Office to receive bad news.

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