Happy August and Happy Monday


FEELING: Somewhat better than normal
LISTENING TO: Sound of oscillating fan

SUMMARY: Make a game plan beginning now to take control of my life

there are 2 things that make this time right now exciting for me. 1st is this month started on a Monday and 2nd it’s the beginning of a new month. if you are like me and always struggling to keep track of time and place, this is a big deal! i will try to keep a daily account of everything that i did, should have done and needed to do. my days go by so fast that i cannot tell you what happened. i wake up in the morning and the next thing i realize, it's time to go to bed. if you asked me what i did during the day, i honestly would not be able to account for the entire day. i know this sounds crazy, but it's true. it's like a chapter out of a really screwed up science fiction novel. this makes me sad because i am so used to being productive. i did get some things accomplished today.

1. balanced my budget for the month
2. applied for financial assistance with different government agencies
3. researched medication interactions
4. fellowshipped with my stepmother who i haven't talked to since 2009
5. and wrote this blog even though it's right before the day is over.

on that note, i will spend the last few minutes of August 1st just chilling.


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