Snow Day. Which way will it go Day.


woo hoo it’s a snow day! not really on the woo hoo! i was being sarcastic! i am not a fan of snow and all that comes with it. when the scene outside looks like a wintery postcard, it depresses me inside. even though i am a reclusive homebody, i hate having the option to come and go freely taken away from me. you know how it is, we always want something when we can’t have it.

the reason i say, “which way will it go Day.” is due to things are a little screwy this morning. i got up this morning, as i do every Tuesday morning, to watch my favorite anime and it is all the way off in left field. they have gone away from the storyline and put out a Halloween themed episode. ummm, i don’t think they noticed that we’re in the beginning of January and Halloween is a ways a way. what a waste! that was the same as tuning in to the Real Housewives of Atlanta and they had a whole show with them talking about their favorite Dr. Seuss books calmly over glasses of wine. i couldn’t even watch it. i then decided to reply to my social networking friends and family and when i sat down at my laptop, my “D” key popped off. WTF! now i have to sit here at my computer that i use for work to type this. i still won’t get to the replies. why? i had to wait for my Windows Live Writer to download an update upgrading it from Beta to Live Essentials 2011. it was a slow download. on top of that, i had to set the program up from scratch. i had to put my blog addresses, sign-ons and passwords into the program, then add the text templates to keep everything uniform. after that, i have 10 minutes before i have to log in to work. oh well! i tried to be productive this morning.

to those that have to go out in the snow, be careful and get to your destinations safely. to those who don’t, grab your Snuggie, a good book and enjoy the day and try to relax.


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