i’m actually glad that it’s Monday!!!!!


i am actually glad the weekend is over with. i spent this weekend recuperating from a procedure that i had done on Friday.

i went to see a Cancer Specialist on Friday to find out my treatment options for treating a Lymphoma Cancer that i have. i was told that the tests that were ran during my hospital stay where not conclusive enough to direct my course of treatment. i was given the options of coming back for a surgery to do EXACTLY what they have already done in the hospital or i could have a biopsy done right there in the office. since, i am trying to work everything around my current work schedule, i opted for the in office procedure. i had no idea what to expect.

i ended of having a lymph node removed so that it could be tested. the doctor had to make an incision in my groin and pull it out. there was a very long needle filled with drugs that was “supposed to” deaden the spot of the operation. the reason that i say “supposed to” is due to the fact that i was still feeling what was going on during the procedure. i actually felt when the doctor was inside of my groin and actually pulling the lymph node out. i felt the tugging and the burning sensation. i had him shoot more drugs into the spot and i still felt what was going on. i was extremely happy when that was over with. after the procedure, i hobbled out to my car. that is one time that i wished i had an automatic car and not a standard. on my way home, i stopped at the Chinese food restaurant to treat myself for putting up with that ordeal.

now it was Friday evening and i was in pain. i do not think the pain would have been around for so long if it wasn’t for all of the other stuff that had recently happened to my body, such as the multiple IV, shots, tubes down my throat, multiple blood draws, CAT scans and ultrasounds. that is a lot for a body to go through in a short period of time. this entire weekend, i stayed doped up on pain medication. it is now wearing out of my system. thank goodness! i have to be on the clock in about an hour to clean up any loose ends from leaving work early on Friday.

i am actually glad it’s Monday, because i can try to get some type of normalcy in my life until i get the test results from the biopsy, which will be in about a week. wish me luck that i will be able to take care of things with Chemo treatments and not have to deal with something more invasive.

on that note, i hope who ever reads this has a great week starting with a Happy Monday!


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