So happy to be done with 2010…..



i will have to honestly say that 2010 has to be one of my worst years on record. 2009 was still a lot better, even getting laid off, dealing with the health issues at the beginning of the year and dealing with all of the fuckery of the KY Unemployment Office. i would not want to wish what i went through this year on anyone whether they be friend or foe. i cannot complain really. i am still here to talk about it. despite recent health issues, i am still able to keep my sense of humor and act a fool every chance that i get. i still have a roof over my head and my bills are paid despite no income for a number of months.

i want to look back on 2010 and reflect on the lessons learned. whatever they may be seems to escape me at the moment.

i am currently in the process of moving my home office around to make it more efficient. plus i want a visual change. maybe this change will give me a new attitude and outlook for 2011. i have fingers and toes crossed for a better new year.


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