who knew trying to write a blog post wasted so much time…..



i have no idea of what to write about right now. i opened Windows Live Writer(WLW) over 2 hours ago and still haven’t written anything.

why not? well, after signing in, i started going through the process of updating my accounts that are attached to WLW and found out that Microsoft is discontinuing blogs on Windows Live Spaces. i cannot say that i’m surprised! it sucked as a blogging service due to its limitations. there are too many faults to list. Sad smile Microsoft is now partnering with Wordpress to host blogs. now that was a surprise! i wouldn’t think of them getting together. i deleted my Live Spaces blog and didn’t need to migrate anything over to Wordpress. i had the foresight to know this was coming and it was a “just in case” measure.

after cleaning that mess up, i ended up going to my Blogger account and putting in a default posting template. i am anal and want a uniform look to my blog. i actually had to look around the internet to see how to do it correctly. there are plenty of half-assed directions on how to do it. all of that was a brain fart moment though. i actually had the posting template stored in WLW. that was a bunch of wasted time.

another portion of my ADHD led tour took me to Wordpress. anyone who has ever used Wordpress knows that it is a bunch of craziness, just to do the most basic of changes. there is way too much going on there. i did actually change the template while i was there. i am now using the iPhone Notes theme. i seem to really like this theme. i cannot tell you why.

after leaving Wordpress, i headed over to LiveJournal and saw that i had 206 messages in my inbox. i started to tackle them, but LiveJournal was taking about 30 seconds to open each page and i’m not in the mood for that this morning.

well, i am stopping here because my journey goes on longer with stops at Facebook, Twitter, eHow.com and other places and i am too through after dealing with all of the blog deletions, formatting, templates, HTML tinkering and slow internet sites to write about that and no one wants to read that, not even me.

i hope that everyone has a more focused and productive day then i’m having. take care and enjoy the day.



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