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Welcome to my Social Tourette’s



1st off, let me give you the Dictionary.com definition of Tourette’s syndrome.

Tourette's syndrome

–noun Function.

a familial neuropsychiatric disorder of variable expression that is characterized by multiple recurrent involuntary tics involving body movements (as eye blinks, grimaces, or knee bends) and vocalizations (as grunts, snorts, or utterance of inappropriate words), that often has one or more associated behavioral or psychiatric conditions (as attention deficit disorder or obsessive-compulsive behavior).

Also, Tourette syndrome.
Also called Tourette's disease .

after Georges Gilles de la Tourette  (1857–1904), French neurologist, who described it in 1885


why would i say i have Social Tourette’s and why am i inviting you to it? those are 2 very good questions.

i have described myself as having Social Tourette’s for a very long time. i  define Social Tourette’s as follows:

a neuropsychiatric disorder of variable expression that is characterized by (rapidly blinking eyes and blank stares) and (screams of WTF [what the fuck!] AYFKM [are you fucking kidding me!] and YSM [you’re shitting me!] all while SMH [shaking my head] ) every time that i read or hear fuckery that supposedly sane people put on-line for the masses to partake of. these behaviors by themselves does not Social Tourette’s make. it becomes Social Tourette’s when replies and comments are penned to people with a heartily blatant peppering of the aforementioned characteristics.

i always try to get through posts, stupid comments and replies without using WTF or a o_0, but that doesn’t always end up being possible. more and more, there is a daily onslaught of world class fuckery to choose from. daily, the world is becoming more and more crazy. growing up, i cannot remember having a daily choice of 20 or more newspaper or radio articles that were dedicated to humans having mental deficits. this is even with newspapers in circulation that were dedicated to that type of thing. i do understand that more access to stories of this type of behavior is thanks to the Internet, but come on! i am sure there was a way to get fucked up information to the masses before the Internet. when i first starting using Yahoo 360[my 1st social networking site], back in the day, there were not as many stories of craziness as there are now. the worse someone had to worry about, back then, was the occasional contact stalking another contact and petty on-line squabbles between contacts.

for a person with ADHD and/or Bipolar, it is not an easy task to close off your mind to all of the depravity of today’s print and video articles. a person with these disorders want to reach through the screen and violently shake some sense into the article’s subject all while asking them where did they go wrong and sarcastically asking how they feel that society has forsaken them, because you KNOW it is never their fault when people are splashed across the front of a webpage because of them losing their damn minds.

i am inviting you to my Social Tourette’s because if enough of us experience this condition on a daily basis, it may catch on and help bring back some of today’s societal morality or at least get many on much needed psychiatric medications. there really is no general way to define  societal norms, but what we see and hear on a daily basis cannot be it. i can only be accountable for me and make sure that i keep my own ass off of somebody’s front page. Social Tourette’s can help you do the same. so again, i say, Welcome to my Social Tourette’s…..

1 hour until Monday and still not much accomplished….


A 8081

another weekend has now come and gone with no progress to speak of. i was due to go to the laundromat, pharmacy, pay bills and rework my finances. i did none of those things. i am somewhat irritated but i will have to get over it. being irritated will not help me accomplish my goals.

even though i did not accomplish those things, i did apply for many jobs today. that was not my goal today, but i will take it. even though my unemployment benefits are cut, i am still applying for jobs and keeping things the way they were in case unemployment benefits are reinstated. i can only hope.

tomorrow morning i will pick up my prescription for Lithium. that will be a blog at a later date. i will be going through a lot while my body gets used to it. i am going to make it to do laundry, even if it kills me. i will also need to rework my finances and cancel automatic withdrawals for utilities that i am not even using.

on that note, i will end right here. i am going to turn off my computer and try to get some sleep. if that doesn’t work, then i will be up all night on YouTube, because it makes no sense to lie here in the dark and listen to Jackson breathe. who is that benefitting?!

good night one and all and have a Happy Monday!

another weekend gone by….. almost



i am sitting here looking at my last entry and it is me stating that a weekend had passed and nothing had been completed. here we are on Sunday afternoon of another weekend and nothing has been accomplished this weekend either. i guess i will have to do something about that. there are errands that need to be completed. so i need to motivate and get my ass out of the door and do something productive. that is easier than it sounds. i start a new medication regiment starting Monday. the doctor says that i should see a noticeable change in about 3 weeks. i can only hope. i guess i will sign off of here and get some things done.

well, later to one and all and i hope that you have a great week.


another weekend has come and gone…..




is it me or does the weekends seem to go faster than they used to? I remember sitting here on Friday afternoon thinking that I will get some things done this weekend. now it is 1:30 am on Monday morning and I have accomplished nothing. I kept thinking that I had time to get things done. to me, it feels like the days are going by too fast. I don’t know if this is something that we notice as we get older or it’s been this way all of the time. well, I guess this is just another thought adding on top of all of the other useless thoughts I have going through my head right now.

anyway, Happy Monday all!

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