1 hour until Monday and still not much accomplished….

A 8081

another weekend has now come and gone with no progress to speak of. i was due to go to the laundromat, pharmacy, pay bills and rework my finances. i did none of those things. i am somewhat irritated but i will have to get over it. being irritated will not help me accomplish my goals.

even though i did not accomplish those things, i did apply for many jobs today. that was not my goal today, but i will take it. even though my unemployment benefits are cut, i am still applying for jobs and keeping things the way they were in case unemployment benefits are reinstated. i can only hope.

tomorrow morning i will pick up my prescription for Lithium. that will be a blog at a later date. i will be going through a lot while my body gets used to it. i am going to make it to do laundry, even if it kills me. i will also need to rework my finances and cancel automatic withdrawals for utilities that i am not even using.

on that note, i will end right here. i am going to turn off my computer and try to get some sleep. if that doesn’t work, then i will be up all night on YouTube, because it makes no sense to lie here in the dark and listen to Jackson breathe. who is that benefitting?!

good night one and all and have a Happy Monday!

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