It was just a matter of time before the Facebook molestation began…..

i knew it was a matter of time before people started trying to make their Facebook pages look like Yahoo360, MySpace, or something close to it. customizing your Facebook home page and subpages is nothing new. it is just becoming more mainstream. all the options currently available is an ADHD sufferer’s wet dream! this is the first and only template that i will use. if i looked at any more choices, i will be here until tomorrow morning customizing.

for those interested, you will need to use Firefox add-ons. the add-on is called Stylish 1.0.9. click on this icon to get the add-on.

2t_stythumb.jpg  if you want the use the same style as me, click on the following link:

facebook Cool blue W I N D O W S 7 taskbar

there will be a link, on the page, that says Install with Stylish. after you press that link, go to your Facebook home page and you’re done. if you click on the following link: styles

there are hundreds of styles to chose from. i hope you find this useful and happy customizing! btw, if you change your mind about using this add-on, you can simply uninstall it from add-ons. i also included screen shots to show that it affects all of Facebook.

Facebook Wall Tab


Facebook My Friends’ Links Tab


Facebook RSS/Blog Tab


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