Jury hears boy, 7, describe how mother attacked him and his brother


By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN

October 29, 2009 8:15 p.m. EDT

story_kehoe_in_session(CNN) -- A mother's plot to blame a stranger for killing her sons went awry when one of the boys survived and told police how Michelle Kehoe cut his throat, then moved on to his younger brother, an Iowa prosecutor said Thursday.

Police found the 7-year-old covered in dried blood in the family van the morning of October 27, 2008, in a secluded area near a pond east of Littleton. Beside the van, his 2-year-old brother lay dead, his throat also slashed.

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Intervention for Monte time. yet again!



my online friends and family, i am in need of your help. i have fallen off of the wagon and i need your help getting back on.

what is my problem, you may ask?

it is unnecessarily REPLYING to FUCKERY and FOOLISHNESS on some of these social networking sites, forums and blogs.

why is this a problem?

it is a problem because i am sometimes too passionate about a subject. it can be very agitating and irritating to me when i come across individuals on social networking sites, forums and blogs who are grossly misinformed or ignorant to the facts. it is a little difficult for me to let it go until i have BLASTED the correct information all over the forum. in BLASTING the correct information, some of my brain cells burn out dealing with people who’s brains are not even working at 25% efficiency.

why do i want to change this?

more and more each day, i witness the social mentality slip farther and farther down the intelligence drain. i do not want to make myself crazy or stressed trying to change the things that i cannot change.

how can you help me?

you can help me by deleting my comments if i happen to relapse and reply on your blog of a controversial nature and i am debating a point with an illiterate douche who thinks Wikipedia, Google Search, Britannica Online, Reference.com, Ask.com, etc. are just fancy places that only stuck up folks go to.

why did i write this?

i think i am just venting to myself about the stupidity of my actions dealing with debating persons who think Limbaugh is really the leader of the Republican party, Rihanna was touched by the hand of God with talent, it’s OK to bad mouth their managers and coworkers, even though they are their Facebook and MySpace contacts, unlock their nude pictures to friends, family and coworkers, think that Obama got the job because he has a big penis, well you get my point. i am just thinking out loud trying to reel myself in before i give up on this social networking thing all together. i just have to remember there is a section of social networking that is labeled anti-social networking and i just need to keep my ass away from there.


SpongeBob is getting married - TV Squad


Source: www.tvsquad.com


spongebob1 I'm not sure how this is going to change the show (though a show with freaky sponge/squirrel mutant children might be interesting), but SpongeBob SquarePants is getting married! Yes, the yellow square ...

Click picture for full article.

WARNING! Sun may shoot out without notice!



do you ever have those days when you feel so damn good when you wake up that Sun may shoot out of your ass if you fart? this is one of those days for me. i feel AWESOME! i do not know if it’s the Adderall kicking in early but i know i like it. LOL

so, if i happen to be walking in front of you today, know that you have been warned! i may accidentally fart and burn you with the heat radiating from my ass.


A sprayed behind is a clean behind


bthrmsprayers  http://www.bathroomsprayers.com/

i was hopping around from site to site this morning and ran across a foolish advertisement on one of the blogs that i visited. this ad was given a big ass *blank stare* by me. why the *blank stare*, i actually read some of the literature on the site and it read more like comedy than making me want to buy this device.

all i can say is WOW!


Playing Playstation 2 while having ADHD is a pain….



as i sit here getting ready to play this Shrek 2 game, i wonder, why can’t i play a video game like normal people? having ADHD takes the fun and joy out of many activities. for example, here are the steps it takes for me to play a simple video game:

Step 1: Pick the console I want to play on. Choices are:

1. Playstation 2 

2. Playstation 3

3. Xbox360

4. GameCube

Status: √ Completed: Playstation 2

Step 2: Pick the game that is to be played. Choices are:

1. Too many to list

Status: √ Completed: Shrek 2 by Activision

Step 3: Search Internet for FAQ/Walkthrough Guide

Status: √ Completed: Walkthrough link

Step 4: Copy FAQ/Walkthrough Guide to Microsoft Word 2007 and update all of the hyperlinks and bookmarks inside of the document.

Status: | In Progress: Started it but became distracting by Multiply.com, FaceBook, MySpace and LiveJournal. Will resume update after the completion of Step 7.

Step 5: Write post regarding my frustration of wanting to play a video game.

Status: √ Completed: You are reading it now.

Step 6: Determine whether CodeBreaker disc will be used during game play.

Status: / Incomplete: To be determined by game play

Step 7: Purchase wireless controller.

Status: | In Progress: To be purchased at the completion of this post. Best Buy here I come! LOL



WTF! is wrong with some people!



i am normally not the one to play censor when it comes to my contacts, but i had to put my foot down. i had a contact that i added over a year ago. this contact hasn’t given me any issues whatsoever. what made me delete this person is the fact there are sexual videos and pictures of minors on their page. there is also a link to videos to underage sex. this person’s avatar also shows them with their genitals exposed.

first of all, i do not judge people. if you want to get off into some kinky shit, that is on you. i just ask not to have your account linked to mine if you are into something illegal. i do not want to have myself associated with underage ANYTHING in any way, shape or form.

second, i have had 4 of my contacts’ pages shutdown for unknown reasons over the past year and Multiply says nothing about this?! WOW at them picking and choosing what they want to see. in the past, i have given this person a friendly warning on the legality of their actions. i guess that doesn’t matter to them. what gave me cause for concern were the other contacts clamoring for MORE, MORE, MORE! what in hell is going on here?! is society getting to the point of depravity where the rules of right and wrong do not matter anymore? again, i am not judging. i am the last one who has the right to stand on anybody’s moral soapbox. my concern with all of this is, the gigantic tidal wave of bullshit that i would be involved in just by having this person as a contact. i do not need any possible unnecessary drama.

being the person i am, i feel bad about having to censor a contact, friend or online buddy, but for piece of mind, we sometimes have to do what we have to do.


Why you don't use the first Google image you find


Krispy Kreme is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, but they ain't THAT DAMN GOOD!

eHarmony REJECT


who knew you couldn't use that as an answer! LMFBAO!

WTF! Cactus?


i CANNOT stop laughing at this picture!

Ohio Mayor Cusses Out 'Broke-Down, Lizard-Looking' Blogger


2009_10_05skWhen blogger Robert Forrey e-mailed Portsmouth, Ohio mayor Jim Kalb with an innocent-enough public records request, he probably wasn't expecting to have his likeness compared to a lizard. That's exactly what he got, though, along with a profanity-laced torrent of Haterade.

Click here for link to the story by Amar Toor (RSS feed) — Oct 5th 2009 at 10:08AM at switched.com

How I spent an hour of my life….


I wanted to do a really quick activity in Excel 2007 just to keep my Microsoft Office 2007 skill set up to date, so I did a quick little  pie chart. You would be surprised at how fast a person can forget the basics if they do not use them daily.

The chart is an accounting of my time on the Internet from 5AM to 6AM. Quite productive huh?! LOL

Be on the look out for a “scatter” chart of the things I did during that 45% of time from the pie chart.

LMFBAO @ those who “really” want the details of that 45% of time and who think they will actually get them!



Whitney Houston - Could I Have This Kiss Forever (w/Enrique Iglesias)


WH_EIcould i have this kiss

Whitney Houston - Could I Have This Kiss Forever (w/Enrique Iglesias)


Dame un beso para siempre

Over and over I look in your eyes
You are all I desire
You have captured me
I want to hold you
I want to be close to you
I never want to let go

I wish that this night would never end
I need to know

CHORUS (together):
Could I hold you for a lifetime
Could I look into your eyes
Could I have this night to share this night together
Could I hold you close beside me
Could I hold you for all time
Could I, could I, could I have this kiss forever

Over and over I've dreamed of this night
Now you´re here by my side
You are next to me
(You are next to me)
I want to hold you and touch you and taste you
And make you want no one but me
I wish that this kiss could never end
Oh baby please

Could I hold you for a lifetime
Could I look into your eyes
Could I have this night to share this night together
Un beso para siempre (Enrique),
Para siempre (Whitney)
Could I hold you close beside me
Could I hold you for all time
Could I, could I, could I have this kiss forever

I don´t want any night to go by
Without you by my side
I just want all my days
Spent being next to you
Lived for just loving you
And baby, oh by the way

Sólo, sólo un beso, un beso para siempre (Enrique)
Para siempre (Whitney)
Dame un beso para siempre (Enrique)
Para siempre (Whitney)
Could I have this kiss forever
Could I have this kiss forever

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