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The Cleveland Show - Pilot


Hilarious new show from the creator of Family Guy and American Dad.

NEW E. Lynn Harris Novel


Mama Dearest (Hardcover) (September 22, 2009)

by E. Lynn Harris


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Editorial Reviews

One of E. Lynn Harris's incomparable heroines, Yancey Harrington Braxton, is working her way back to Broadway and beyond. And this diva supreme always stirs up drama in and out of the spotlight....

New York City, you've been warned: Yancey Harrington Braxton is back. The ambitious singer and actress is fired up to move past her recent professional and personal setbacks -- including an explosive romance with NFL tight end John Basil Henderson -- and prove her talents are stronger than ever. After being out on tour, Yancey realizes what she really wants is to star in her own reality TV series, and she's even found a rich and well-connected lover to make it happen. There are, however, two women fierce enough to derail Yancey's plans with ambitions of their own: Madison B., a hot new bombshell taking the music industry by storm, and Ava Middlebrooks, who happens to be Yancey's own mama dearest.

Ava is out, about, and ready to reclaim her throne. Not even a stint in prison for attempted murder has curbed Ava's competitive nature, and it doesn't faze her in the least that her #1 rival is her own daughter. Ava is willing to do whatever it takes to make Yancey pay, including using Madison B. to turn Yancey's world upside-down by forcing her to confront the past...and making her comeback dreams more exciting and dangerous than she ever imagined.

Taking readers on a wild, passion-filled tour of the entertainment world, E. Lynn Harris's Mama Dearest delivers sensual thrills and electric plot twists -- with one unforgettable woman of radiant star power, sexual magnetism, and unapologetic ambition at the heart of the action.
About the Author
E. Lynn Harris penned twelve novels and the memoir What Becomes of the Brokenhearted. Several of his novels such as Basketball Jones, Just Too Good To Be True, I Say A Little Prayer, and A Love of My Own have hit bestseller list including the New York Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and Essence.  There are over four million copies of his novels in print.  He died in July 2009 at the age of 54.

Mock up cover for future magazine by Monte and Jackson


When the Customer Is Flat-Out Wrong


 By Joanna L. Krotz

Worn out trying to please an impossible client? Blame it on Harry Gordon Selfridge.

In 1906, Selfridge purchased a site in London, upon which he built the famous store that bears his name and thrives today. Selfridges opened doors in 1909, when women were beginning to enjoy the fruits of emancipation by wandering unescorted around the city of London.

A canny marketer, Selfridge promoted the radical notion of shopping for pleasure rather than necessity. His fashion-forward shop adopted the slogan now heard round the globe: "The customer is always right."

That century-old wisdom flourishes today, even while businesses run on real-time sales forecasts, preferred-customer databases, time-management applications and activity-based costing software — all of which can calculate to the penny how much each transaction costs you.

Is every customer always right? Oh yeah. Except when they cross a line that you need to draw.







wow! i cannot believe how mentally tired i am!



have you ever been at the point where every new thought in your head makes your head hurt if you try to process it? i am at that place at this very moment. after i press SEND, SUBMIT or ENTER, it will end all of my communications for the weekend. i am not going to any social networking sites, i am turning off my phone for voice and text messaging and not checking email.

just today, alone, i helped a couple of friends with their resumes, did a remote into a computer to fix a friend’s network, did an 1 hour employment screen that involved a timed text and word input test which was followed by a Microsoft Excel 2003 test that had me dealing with INSERTING FUNCTIONS, USING FILTERS IN CONJUNCTION WITH SORT, DATA VALIDATION, MACROS, PROTECTION, MAKING LINE CHARTS, GRIDLINES, PANEL FREEZING and ETC. i cannot tell you my last encounter with Excel 2003. i currently only use Excel 2007. it is a big difference in navigating the two programs. those transactions are easy if you use Excel 2003 daily but i had a couple of stumbles trying to do it the way i do it in Excel 2007. that was marked as an error. imagine my frustration of getting an error for a transaction that is easy for me. oh well! i guess i will have to re-dummy myself down because some companies are not using the latest software. RIDICULOUS! that may not sound like much but it was tiring.

i have been invited to a couple of functions this weekend where i am expected to be cordial and witty. those will not be in my repertoire this weekend. so after a few RSVP decline phone calls, the phone will immediately be shut off. my friends also get TEXT FEVER starting on Fridays. TEXT FEVER is when i get text after text after text. that is not so bad, but it becomes bad when i receive 3 text in the time it takes to reply to 1. there will be none of that either after my phone is turned off.

i am going to use this weekend to reorganize my music collection. for some reason, Windows Media Player 11 corrupted my music library by adding and deleting songs from albums. i am also going to label and tag my video and picture collections. i want to eventually share them online but i need to organize them first. i am sure this will make some of my contacts VERY HAPPY because i have an extensive collection. there are more things i am going to do but my brain is shutting down as i type this sentence. well, i hope to talk to one and all come Monday. take care and enjoy your weekend.


Dirty Money - Love Come Down


20 QUESTIONS (snagged from a Multiply.com contact)


1. What is your favorite game?
trying to figure out if the newest Microsoft Updates will screw up my computer.

2. Who is your favorite person in the world?
me, because i have to take care of me.

3. What is your pet peeve?
right now, it is people who use the economy as an excuse to give up on trying to better themselves.

4. Who is your favorite politician?
i don't know any personally.

5. What is your favorite television show?
anime that i watch for free on the internet.

6. What is your earliest childhood memory?
i cannot tell you anything that happened before labor day.

7. What is your favorite book?
men's fitness magazine.

8. Who is your favorite singer?
Whitney Houston (currently playing the hell out of new CD).

9. What is your favorite song?
Call You Tonight by Whitney Houston.

10. What is your favorite movie?
any one with cartoon characters that are sexually repressed with huge eyes running around speaking japanese.

11. Who is your favorite actor?
any cartoon characters that are sexually repressed with huge eyes running around speaking japanese.

12. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
peter griffin from family guy, then see #11.
13. What is the first accident you remember as a toddler?
not color coordinating my pamper with my bib. (this is only speculation since i can't remember past labor day).

14. What was your favorite lesson at school?
1st it was lunch, 2nd it was study hall.

15. What is the worst thing you have ever done?
acted like i was going to answer this question and then didn't.

16. What is your most treasured item?
my sanity.

17. What is you favorite computer program?
any operating system that gives me the opportunity to do nothing for hours at a time.

18. What is the most scary thing that has ever happened to you?
my job lost my check.

19. What is the happiest moment in your life?
when i was laid off from my job.

20. What are your bank details?
go to
https://www.chase.com/Chase.html. i am sure they would LOVE to open an account with you. :-)

How to Rob an Apple Store


i love it when team building exercises are randomly caught on video. LOL

but i wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friend


booo ahhh ha ha ha LOL @ this!

Album Review: Whitney Houston's 'I Look to You'


The L.A. Times music blog

August 25, 2009 Review of Whitney Houston's 'I Look to You' CD released Monday, August 31, 2009.

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