One of the funniest posts I have read in a long while….



as i was sitting here going through my list of Blogger blogs that i follow, i ran across this blog at Witches’ Brew titled Brew Aha Moment: Other People Have Random Thoughts Too!. this has the be some of the funniest ISHT! i have read in a long while. what makes it funny? most of it is true and we all can relate to many of the points made. here is one of my favorites:

- I hate when I just miss a call by the last ring (Hello? Hello? Dammit!), but when I immediately call back, it rings nine times and goes to voicemail. What'd you do after I didn't answer? Drop the phone and run away?

Lawd knows i have asked this in my head quite a few times after immediate call backs.

if you want to get a big laugh like i did, head on over to Brew Aha Moment: Other People Have Random Thoughts Too!

monte-xirus (still LMAO at this very moment)

Jackson with an attitude!


Jackson Attitude

this is a picture of Jackson turning his head up at me and not letting me kiss him.
i guess he was a little tired of me hanging out online and not playing our 20th game of tug-of-war for the day.
i am not kidding when i say he straight up gets an attitude if i am not giving him 125% attention, since 100% is not enough. he is a high maintenance diva.
with a dog like this, who would want to put up with a relationship! LOL

Xirus Mobile August 2009







Just an expression of my individuality….


Do I care about the plight of the postal service?





from the looks of these pictures my answer is a BIG ASSED YES!

these pictures are how my post office box looks each time that i go to pick up mail. the post office is my alternative to having mounds of mail sitting all around my apartment waiting to be looked at. going through my mail is not one of my favorite chores.

my post office is in danger of closing. i hope is doesn’t. i do not want them to take my virtual junk mail counter top away. :-(


Question 25 August 2009



the question, “DO I GIVE A DAMN?” came to mind today as i was perusing the many articles on this here internet.

my answer to this question is a resounding NO! the world is going to hell in a hand basket and i am just too jaded to care.

my main goal in life is to make sure that i am mentally and physically healthy and happy. i will not continue to try and play Superman and Cap’n Save-‘em to friends, family or colleagues who do not want to listen to sound and experienced advice. many people find it easier to be lazy and waddle in their sadness as opposed to doing anything about it. this will only lead to empathy fatigue on my part. so to keep that from happening, i will keep my comments to myself unless you ask.

take care and i hope you give a damn because at this present moment, I DO NOT!

(subject to change at a later date)


Insomnia is a mofo



as i sit here trying to get some order to my day, i realize that it is impossible. this is because i am going on 2 nights with no sleep. i was fine over the weekend. i slept like i was in a coma. here i am on Wednesday morning feeling like i just put in a 60+ hour work week and i haven’t done a thing. this is a miserable feeling. i feel sad, depressed and i have a lack of energy. i have not been in the mood to have online conversations with my friends. hopefully, i will get some type of sleep before the weekend gets here.

right now, i am listening to the Solo Piano channel on it is a great site to go to if you like listening to piano playing. it is supposed to be relaxing. i hope that becomes the case for me. every other sound i heard today has been nothing but agitation. well, i am going to sign my moody self off of here. i hope to talk to one and all soon.


Now to get my grind-on….


 chasing happiness

i just spent my entire weekend relaxing and playing with Jackson. i needed it. i overworked my brain with the whole job hunting thing. the normal person would have taken their time and paced themselves. it was like i was going for a new record of how many jobs i could apply for and interview for in the shortest period possible. i need a rest from all of that.

this week. i am going to take my time and discover what i really want to do employment wise. for the past weeks, i have been concentrating on the financial rewards of a new job. money is not what made me happy when i did have a job. i want a job where it is pleasurable to go to each day.

my goal for this week is to find a job that will leave me smiling at the end of each day. any suggestions? LOL


Who knew looking like this was going to be reality!




i used to watch Star Trek back in the day and say to myself, “why does the brother have to rock that visor and that Jheri Curl like that?” i honestly cringed every time that i used to see him fly his blind greasy forehead ass across the TV screen. it only took a few hours of therapy to get over the trauma of Jordie LaForge trying to push me back into my childhood with me trying to rock that same look. that’s enough digressing. i happened to be looking around for some new electronic toys and here is what i found:


Myvu PMV-SHBK-10020-EN Shades MFI Personal Media Viewer
Myvu Shades allows viewers to experience their videos up close and personal from various portable media players, DVD players, mobile phones, and game consoles. The sporty and fashionable eyewear with glance-down technology allows users to have true situational awareness for an ultimate on-the-go entertainment experience.

  • Sporty and fashionable design for hands free viewing
  • Noise-reducing, in-ear ear buds by Ultimate Ears
  • USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery for up to 10 hours of continuous viewing time
  • Unique glance-down design for true situational awareness
  • Compatible with many portable media players, mobile phones, portable DVD players, and various game consoles
  • Quick-start guide
  • Black

Myvu Demo Site (check out Myvu in the Dorm and Myvu at the Airport demos) they are interactive in that you can click on things in the demo. it is quite trippy!)

i think this is one gadget i am going to have to pass on. i do not want the neighborhood children laughing and throwing rocks at me while i am out walking my dog. there are multiple styles to choose from. they are also a little on the pricey side. the cheapest i saw these spectacles for was at $149.23 on (more product information and reviews on the site) i guess if you are one of those closet pervs and JUST HAVE TO HAVE your porn while on the go, these might work for you. let me know how these workout for you. now warp you nerdy asses out there and get you some. LOL



Future Blog Posting



in the future, i have decided to post all of my written blogs on my Blogger account and my audio blogs on my LiveJournal account. they are blogging platforms that i currently use. i have not decided whether to give commenting rights only to those accounts or still leave it available to my other social networking sites wherever there is a permalink shown. i have not thought that far ahead. for now, commenting is open on all my social networking sites. if you want to leave a comment on Blogger, you can use Google, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad. AIM, OpenID accounts or Name/URL or Anonymous. you do not need to sign up or sign in. it is your choice.

i have decided to go this route because it being a pain due to cross-posting issues with Multiply, MySpace and Live Spaces. i hope me doing this does not hinder you from checking out my blog posts in the future. i love having you read my words. this way when i reply, i only have to reply on Blogger, if i go with that commenting option only.

i will still use my social networking sites for “socializing”. this is just another attempt to streamline my online life.

thanks for reading this and i hope to have you visit me at, which is also the address to my Blogger blog.


Catch me LIFE! It is me Monte!




I am jumping into life today with full force! There are no restraints or doubts!


This is how I feel right now!



Link to: WTF Files: Cum Gum.....


WTF Files: Cum Gum.....
Posted by Witches Brew On Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i think i have lost touch with reality or is it, i am extremely blessed?



i am of the feeling that i am either extremely blessed or i have lost touch with reality, concerning the state of our economy and my dealing with it. i was released from my job on June 20th and it was one of the best things to happen to me. i have been on a mini vacation. i am just getting to the point that i realize i am on a vacation.

due of my mini vacation, my salary doubled due to bringing in the same amount of money in severance pay and unemployment. i am actually able to pay bills farther ahead and pay off credit cards by being off work. it is just weird for me though. if i was still at work, i would not be able to do that. people who are still working are struggling a lot harder than i am. it makes me sad somewhat. i have worked for the past 20+ years and have never been awarded like i am now by being laid off. it makes me sad knowing that if i was still working and making an honest wage and going to work everyday that a person sitting at home on their ass could be making more than me while i am going in and putting up with the constant bullshit of corporate america. where is the logic and fairness in that!

as for job hunting, i have been hearing over and over that there are no jobs out there. if that is the case, why am i being interviewed and being offered supervisory positions? my interview schedule is so full that i had to start using my Microsoft Outlook to keep my schedule in order. i never had to use Outlook in my personal life before. i cannot keep up with the job offers. i am surprised that i have nothing scheduled for today. tomorrow, i have an overnight management position interview and another interview with the state of Kentucky. this whole process is exciting and tiring at the same time.

each position that i apply for are high salary positions. i am not going out applying at McDonalds, Burger King or Taco Bell. the situation with the Wal-Mart interview is a fluke. i advised them that i will only accept a salaried managerial position and they called me in any way. i remember doing a blog about how their online application process is horribly screwed up. for them to contact me for an interview based on that, left me a little speechless.

i was recently offered a supervisory position in Indianapolis. i turned it down due to not wanting to move from Kentucky. moving from Kentucky to Indiana would be a lateral move in terms of lifestyle choices. if i relocate, it would need to be back to New York or to Chicago, Atlanta, or back to Houston. these places will give my lifestyle choices somewhat of a boost. there are more activities for a single person in these locations. i have applications submitted in these locations.

there is so much more that i could put here about the contemplation of my current fate, but i will stop here. all of this is confusing. i do not know if i am being paid back for always being there for others, even though i have not always been there for myself. i do not know if this is just karma for good deeds, being in the right place at the right time or another example of my ADHD disorder at work. i wanted to put this to paper so when i look back at this a few years down the road, i can say, “so that’s what i was doing during the great recession of our day”.


Back to bed I go….



it is now 3:15 pm on Monday afternoon and back to bed i go. i still haven’t recovered from all of the interviewing and employment related running around from last week and here we go already with this week.

Tuesday is my only day free of interviews as i type this. i was just about to turn off my phone and email when i received a call from Wal Mart to setup an interview. i really had no plans to actually interview with them but since it is for an overnight manager’s position, i think i will go in and see what they are talking about. i have always been curious of their hiring process and I CANNOT WAIT to give someone a piece of my mind about that online application they have setup. talk about inefficient! i also have an interview scheduled with the state of Kentucky on Wednesday, about an hour after Wal Mart. i am going to be nothing nice when i get home and crash on Wednesday afternoon.

i am ending this note right here so that i will not become further distracted and hinder my rest. i guess i will be saying hello again on Thursday after i rest up from the Wednesday interviews. Later!


2 days of sleep and STILL tired!



this is just a quick record of my ENTIRE weekend.

i had my interview on Friday morning. it went great! i have a follow up to that interview on Monday morning at 9:30 am. if that interview goes well, i am to start training this week. i think!

after the interview on Friday, i turned off my phone and email and went to get a nap in. here i am Sunday evening at 8:45 pm and i am starved, i have a splitting headache and i am disorientated. now i have to get ready for the interview in the morning. oh well! let’s hope the fun can stop soon.

that was my weekend. how was yours? :-)


Fellow bloggers, I need your help.



i am currently in the midst of the fun and exciting world of employment searching. it has been a time consuming experience so far. that is why i am up at 4:30 am. i am putting the final touches on an updated portfolio for an interview that i have scheduled for 10:30 am EST. that is in exactly 6 hours and i have been up since yesterday. i am so exhausted that i feel as though my eyes are bleeding. i am actually tired of typing at this point.

this brings me to my request for your help. i wanted to know if anyone knew how to do an audio blog on these blogging/network services. right now, while i am dealing with the employment search roller coaster, i would rather just say a few words and call it a day. any assistance would be most appreciated. any other time, i would have no problem looking this info up but i can barely log into my computer brought on by all of the mental exhaustion. if i wasn’t so tired, i would be ranting about an interviewer’s only qualification is the ability to read a Speak and Spell. these people amaze me. HOW DO PEOPLE INTERVIEW ME WHEN I KNOW MORE ABOUT THEIR COMPANY THAN THEY DO?! oh well! that’s another blog when i am rested.





take care and much love to all


Look at how McDonald’s treats me….



the personnel at McDonald’s better be glad that i have many things to do right now in preparation for later today, otherwise, i would be back in my car on my way there trying to get arrested for uncalled for NIGGERY over a sandwich.

can anyone tell me if this picture looks like a Big Mac to them, or not? the top bun is still in the box with most of the lettuce and whatever else goes on that sandwich. everything else was VIOLENTLY SMASHED between the bottom and middle buns. the line was really long when i went through the drive-thru. when i made it up to the window, they snatched my money and practically threw the bag of food through my open window before i came to a complete stop. i was about to ask for some catsup but the drive-thru window was reclosed before i could get my 1st word out. i was still sitting there when the clerk came back to the window with that, “what the hell you still doing here?” look on his face. due to being extremely hungry and needing to hurry home, i asked for the catsup and was about to say thank you, but the window was immediately reclosed on me. now, i have my happy ass at home ready to tear into my Big Mac and now i have to look at this foolishness. normally i would not care but i was given horrible customer service and received much rudeness after that! guess who is going to be showing his ass tomorrow when he completes his errands! i give you 1 guess. if any of you see me on the cover of the NY Times or USA Today looking goooooooood and crazy for beating a whole team of ig’nant assholes butts, make sure to send this picture in and make sure it is captioned, “THIS WAS THE CAUSE FOR MUCH NIGGERY IN OUR NATION’S MIDWEST!” thank you.


What’s Yo Answer??? (survey stolen from bruh luva)



1. How many people have you had sex with in 2009??

2. Weed, coke, speed, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, of these, how many have you done?
SPEED, and it has not worn off yet!

3. Ever been cheated on?

4. Ever paid for sex?

5. Ever been married?
TWICE, but i am working on the world's record for engagements. i am really close.

6. Ever been divorced?
NO. just widowed and an annulment.

7. If you had to pick one what's your fave sexual position?

8. Do you own any guns?

9. Ever done more than 30 days in jail?

10. Ever been in rehab?

11. Have you ever had any sexual experiences with the same sex?

12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on MySpace?

13. Last time you masturbated?

14. What celebrity would you want to have sex with if you had the chance?
ONE THAT IS DISEASE AND DRAMA FREE, so that cuts down my options a whole lot.

15. Ever been unemployed for over a year since becoming an adult?
WORKING ON 2 MONTHS and it's killing me.

16. How many states have you lived in?
THIRTY-SEVEN and counting.

17. How many countries have you lived in?
SEVEN and counting.

18. Do you keep a weapon under or next to your bed at night?
IT'S ATTACHED, so i have to keep it IN bed with me.

19. What celebrity would you want to beat up if you had the chance?
AMY WINEHOUSE, because she would not know what the HELL was going on during the beating.

20. Ever rolled into the harsh ghetto to buy drugs?

21. Ever cheated on someone?
NO. i don't want to deal with the person i am sleeping with regularly. why add to it?

22. Ever hired a SPY to follow someone?
NO. that falls into the big waste of money category.

23. Ever bang your friends man/woman?

24. What is your IQ?

25. Do you think Mr. Rogers really was a pervert or do you think he just really liked kids?
NO, because he never showed me his perverted side.

26. O.J. Simpson......did he do it?
NO, but he did something in order to have the phrase, "KARMA IS A MOFO!" floating continuously though his head.

27. Fake tits or real tits?

28. How long has it been since you had sex?

29. Name your favorite beer?
BUD LIGHT WITH LIME, read my blogs for confirmation.

30. If you could have free plastic surgery what would you get?

31. Truthfully… size matter??
HOW WOULD I KNOW? i have not seen SIZE in years.


Advice given on a blog….




whenever i give advice to someone that is on my contact list, i make sure that it is from the heart. this is when it is a subject of substance or a subject that is close to the blogger’s heart.

i sometimes like to step outside of my thinking. after time, we tend to take our own words too serious if we do not get 2nd opinions on some of the things we say. if we do not do this, we DO turn into arrogant, pompous, know-it-alls. we tend to take our words as “gospel”. that is, if there is no checks and balance put into place. this is why i am posting this blog to find out if i was on or off point with my advice. help me out with this.

premise: one of my contacts was discussing an issue that involved an involvement with another contact. i feel that communications should stay anonymous unless the poster has the consent of all parties involved. here is my reply:

the one thing that i would do differently if i were you, and this is only my opinion, i would not mention a person's name when referencing things such as conversations via IM, PM or blogs. many people talk to you one on one and feel that your conversations are meant to stay between you two. whenever they put words down as replies to your blogs, they expect those words to stay there in that context. sometimes, people find it to be offensive to see their words repeated back to them or for others to see, out of context, without their permission. this, in some people's mind, is a betrayal of trust. i do admit that i am sometimes taken aback when i see something where you mention another contact by name. this is another one of those rules that fall along the line of not typing in all caps. it is up to you whether you decide to follow it or not.

next, i addressed the issue of just “let it go”. i finished up my reply as such:

i am saying what i am saying because i have been where you are now. with age and maturity, i have learned to take things as they are. i have learned not to read too much into things. the internet can be an emotional monster if you let it be. 1st, it was the heated phone calls and the misunderstands. next, it was text messaging and its misunderstandings. next, it was the vague messages on IM that caused problems and now we have these social networking sites that are an even bigger cause for confusion. remember that you are not the same person online that you are offline.

again, i want to know, if i am on or off point with the advice i have given. if i am wrong, i have no problem retracting what i have said. i have no problem with giving a reason for the retraction. i feel we all need to question the things that we say to one another from time to time. it helps to keep us mentally sharp and on point.


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