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what are some factors that would keep me offline?

i am thinking of excuses that i give to myself when i have not been online in a while. well, not necessarily excuses, but unconscious motivators that deter my interactions online. they are:

1. spending 12 hours online at work

2. not getting any rest the evening before

3. unfinished errands

4. mental exhaustion

5. unconscious internet surfing

6. multi hour phone calls

7. unfocused mental distractions

8. unnecessary technical internet endeavors

9. spending too much time at one website

10. becoming frustrated by being unsure of what to write

this list is a NOT “TO DO LIST” for me. by writing this list, it helps me identify the areas that i need improvement when it comes to blogging and relaxing in the evenings after work. i have control over all of these activities. they will no longer control me. i have given the flow of time over to others and issues long enough. i will adjust my thought processes to make this a more pleasurable experience for me.


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