Windows Live Writer Is The Best Offline Blogging Program There Is!!!!

 Windows Live Writer Download Link

Today, I discovered a great program that can be used if you post to multiple blogs that you may be hosting. The program is called Windows Live Writer. It is an awesome program. I was able to compose 1 post and post it to Windows Live Spaces, Blogger and Multiply in under 30 seconds. It was a little weird for me. Normally I would go to 1 site to post and start wandering around to other bloggers' posts for hours like I had lost my mind. It now means I do not have to neglect 1 blog posting due to paying more attention to a blog posting at one of the other sites. There is only so much 1 person can say. Really! How much can you say in 1 day if you have multiple sites? To me, that is 1 narcissistic mofo. LOL This will also give me more time to reply to others' blogs.

Using this program made me realize 1 thing. I hate the synergistic ability of . THERE IS NONE! Today, I was sitting here thinking, "Why do I want to post outside of if the majority of the people I talk to are there?" If you have ever tried to cross post to you will know what I am talking about. It did not hit me until I tried to cross post the same item to my site about 10 to 12 times. First, I tried to use to cross post and it gave me an OK message each time but NO BLOG! That was a little frustrating. I finally gave up on that and tried to cross post with Windows Live Spaces. That was also a NO GO! I tried multiple times to cross post with that site until I started to get a headache. I almost went the email posting route but I wanted to try 1 more trick. I ended up opening a generic blog account with LiveJournal just to accommodate posting to . I was not too happy about this but what am I to do. The cross posting between LiveJournal and Multiply worked like a charm. There was not one hiccup in the cross posting of the blog.

Back to Windows Live Writer. I am not too frustrated with the multiple postings, EVEN TO MULTIPLY, due to Windows Live Writer has built in account info and password save capability for each of the accounts I have the ability to post to. This makes the process quick and simple. Also, Windows Live Writer lets you view the post at each of the sites that you posted to after the post is published. There are multiple Plug-ins for the program if you want to simplify adding hyperlinks, pictures, videos, maps, etc to your blog. Using this program has been the most pleasant of all of my experiences since I started this blogging nightmare a few days ago. As long as you know how to log into your blog and post, you should not have any type of problem.

If you decide to try it, I included the link to the download. It is great for doing drafts of your posts offline. This program is a GOOD THING for me. I am putting a copy of the program on my flash drive so that I can compose a blog at work tomorrow. fingerscrossed

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