I am finally getting my rest-on!

now i am not saying i am sleeping. i "was" at the point where i "was" able to close my eyes and drift a bit.

i was almost sleep but i had a 25 lb dog running on top of me at top speed. i guess he really wanted to "go outside". he better be glad i do not treat him like that the next time i need to take a crap.

any how! i am turning this busy box off. i am shutting off all of the lights and mr. jackson is most definitely going into his little kennel tonight that is located in the kitchen. do not feel bad for him. it is lined with nice plush bedding and he has enough treats to add 5 more pounds to himself by morning.

damn! that sounds kind of good. i think i am going to grab my pillow and get in his kennel with him. LOL well, good night!



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