i am thankful for today

i am in the midst of caling it a day. i got my new laptop and i have been all over this thing since it arrived. i am enjoying the hell out of it. it has been a while since i have been this excited over a piece of electronics. it is about 2 or 3 minutes before i have to have the lights off and in bed. i am making 10 pm my new normal bed time. a part of my nightly insomnia is caused from not having a regular bed time. my doctor suggested i get a regular time and keep it. i had a change in medication yesterday in regards to my bipolar. i have what is called cycling. that is when my bipolar state go from manic to depressive constantly in rapid cycles. the new medication is making me sleepy. i am about to fall onto the floor. after i finish screaming out the verses to this tyrese song i am hitting the shut off button. it is something about this "lately by tyrese" that makes you have to sing it out loud every time you hear it. i want to say thank you to my multiply for being a part of my life and always offering me good advice. you all are a part of the reason that i am thankful for today.

take care one and all.

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