am-bi-tion [am bish'n] (am-bi-tions)

1. desire for success

a strong feeling of wanting to be successful in life and achieve great things.

2. objective or goal

a goal or objective that somebody is trying to achieve

why should i feel guilty about being an ambitious person? i always hear, "you are working yourself into an early grave". if this is the case, i can say i enjoyed my journey getting there. i have no regrets with being the person i am and having the work ethic that i do. i am always challenging myself to grab that next "brass ring" in the corporate world. i am most definitely part of the minority when it comes to my place of employment. it is no where near being a diverse working environment. i have seen so many of my fellow brothers and sisters come and go so fast that my head is still spinning. i do not get involved with others and their time with my employer. so i would not know who the instigator in the seperation was. i just hope it was amicable.

part of the reason for this post is due to me being upset with myself for not doing anything recreational on my time off. i then realized that i was only upset with myself because others told me that i should be upset that i am not doing anything but working. i always joke, "work is my hobby!" no matter how much i joke, this is the truth. when i see that others who came before me squandered all they worked hard for, i vowed that will not be me. to me, that would be the time that i should be upset with myself. i came from a very poor background with a very tragic upbringing. i definitely know what it is like to not have. i love the fact that i do not have financial issues and that i can still, in these topsy-turvy times, go into a place of business and not worry about the price of anything. do not get me wrong. i am not a materialistic person. i am far from it. i just like the security of being financially well off.

why am i so ambitious? i am ambitious because 1. i do not want to be the antonym which is unmotivated. there are enough people filling those shoes. NO THANK YOU. 2. before i knew what ambition was i was homeless at a very young age. i called my parents and asked for $5 after i was out in the streets and i was denied. after that, i promised i would not ask another person for a thing. in the 26 years i have been out on my own, i have not asked for a dime. i bust my ass and achieved my current status on my own. this is without the benefit of college or a stable loving home. experience is the best teacher. i currently have my doctorate in AMBITION.

with that, i am calling it a night. i have another ambitious day ahead of me beginning at 4 am. let's just see where the day takes me.

xirus (venting)

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