i am tired and i wasted another day off


i wanted to write a little something before i crash out. i have been off all day and i have done nothing. i hung out so late last night. i didn't get to bed into 5 am this morning. i am a little tired right now. i just took a half of Ambien and drank a Margarita wine cooler. i am about to pass out. this is going to be hella short. i will be back when i have something to say.  monte :)

Just thinking


i have been going back and forth on whether i am going to use Yahoo or AOL to do all of my blogging. all of my friends are on Yahoo but i like the AOL format better. at least on AOL i am more familiar with the format and i am more comfortable here. i am getting a little annoyed with Yahoo and it not being up to par. there always seems to be something wrong with that site. i can't get my pics to post from Yahoo pics because i switched everything over to Flickr and now i can't update my Yahoo profile pic. also, i am frustrated because it's Russian Roulette on whether my pics will post correctly if i am to change them in Flickr. my Yahoo Local Reviews aren't even showing up. i think i will sit down and say good bye to my friends on Yahoo this evening. well, until then.

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