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i am sitting here chilling. i am doing house work today. i need to get my ass off of this computer and finish. i have jackson in the backyard and it is getting hotter out there. i have nothing done. this is why this is short and sweet otherwise i will be on here all day. :)monte

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Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless


Running late for work. I wanted to check out sending info via my phone. --Mobile Email from a Cingular Wireless Customer http://www.cingular.com

First Blog on the dual services


i am finally getting the hang of this AOL web site.  i changed to AOL to do my blogging due to the fact that i can do my editing inside the blog screen without having to open a  separate Microsoft word window to do my editing as i normally do. i am also using this due to i can return messages to my 360 family via email during my work day instead of waiting for them all to pile up and i am rushing through the evening to keep up. my company has blocked the messages on 360 but left AOL wide open. if you can tell me the logic, i would be grateful. :) i love this formatting thing. i also love the built in spell check. it has taken me until 2:22 am to figure this thing out. well wish me luck on getting this on track. until we talk. :)monte

Finally Getting the hang of this


i am switching to AOL to do my blogging due to the editing capabilities.  this way i won't have to have a note pad opened to do my editing when i am submitting entries to my blog. i can also use this as a drafting space for when i am commenting on others' blog pages. one of the most frustrating things to me is trying to update my blog by switching back and forth from the notepad and the blog page. i can also respond easily from work also. parts of 360 is blocked at work where i have access to all of AOL. i will do this on a trial basis. i will have to link this to my page on 360. i still want to keep in touch with everyone there. :)monte

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