quiet day


i am in a good mood right now.  i am mixing Stephanie's house CD and i am laughing at Snow.  she is trying to crawl up my pants leg and it is tickling.  this CD that i am actually listening to is the bomb.  i can't stop bouncing.  i am loving it. it is putting me in a better mood.  i have to go to the laundry in a little bit.  i like going at this time of the morning.  it is quieter and i don't have to wait on the washers.  i have to balance my checkbook online and finish Stephanie's CD.  good times.  here comes ms. kitty.  she thinks i am a rock climbing wall. lol!

long day/new family member


it has been a long day since i got up on thursday evening.  friday was a good night at work.  it was a long and interesting night.  i am still testing my theory of the eating before work thing.  it seems to be working.  that's only if i eat something that i like and finish the whole thing.  if i finish a partial meal then i am screwed.  everything worked out though.  after work, i went and got my 24,000 mile care check up.  i am glad that's done.  i would feel guilty if i didn't get it done.  i am not looking forward to the 30,000 mile one.  that's $334.  that's a lot of money but worth it.  it has to be done.  i forgot to drop my FMLA paper work off at the doctor today or to clean my car.  while waiting on my car appointment i ended up sitting here at my desk and dozed off.  then after the appointment i went to the KY Humane Society and picked up a new kitten.  i ended up paying $125 for here.  i missed Sabastian so i had to get a new friend.  she is still learning the lay of the land. {warm smile}  i don't think she will be as distructive as mr. man was but time will tell.  she is only 8 weeks old.  she is still really curious.  i still don't now what to name her.  nothing fits.  something will come up.  i learned a lot of lessons with Sabastian.  i am now going to go online and try and find a name for her.      

great weekend


this has been a great weekend.  i had sex with 2 different people and 1 messed around with another.  this is the 3rd weekend in a row that i have been out to the club.  i am a little sad though.  i miss sabastian just a little bit.  i don't miss the sneakiness and him crying all of the time.  i do miss his companionship.  he is better off where his is.  i am sure that he is well cared for.  i didn't have the patience anymore.  with the medication acting up and me being loopy and also with me trying to go to the gym on a regular it was hard for me to give him the love back.  i just finished budgeting my bills out until tax day.  thank god that chore is over with.  i will like i am spinning out of control when i am not organized.  i got all my email and other correspondence done.  i am happy about that also.  another bad thing is the fact that i may have something physically wrong with my brain.  i go on the 31st of May to get a psychological evaluation. this is due to me not responding to any of my treatments. let's hope this works.  well, it is time to hit the sack.  i will try this again tomorrow.

good workout


i am in a good mood due to the fact i had another great workout this morning.  this is 3 days in a row. i think that i will be able to keep it up if i treat it as a necessity.  it seems to be working.  i like the feeling that i get.  i am going to bed on time today. i am tired as fuck.  no more 10 hour days for me like yesterday.  it is hard to recover from all of that.  anyway, i am returning email and going to bed.

feeling better


i am actually in a good mood physically and mentally.  i actually got up and did laundry today and made it to lunch with michael and milo.  i went to see 2 gyms and inquired on memberships and realized that it will be better just to workout at anthem.  it will save me money every month. i can afford it but i don't want to.  woo hoo! for being cheap.  i am IMing back and forth with Griffin on getting his things back from stephanie palmer.  i told him good luck.  i can already see this being some big procedural bullshit.  we will see what happens.  i guess i will go to bed now and get some sleep before tonight.  i am going to take the meds and see how i operate on 4 hours of sleep.  wish me luck. :-)

still feeling bad


i am still feeling bad.  i hope i feel better by monday.  i have a 4 day weekend and i will be sick the whole time.  i started taking new medicine.  i don't know if it's the medicine that makes feel like this or the cold.  i am going to start going to the gym as soon as i start to feel better.  i guess i will look it up on ask.com to see if it's ok to do now.  i have my bills paid for this time period and still have money in the bank.  woo hoo!  i guess i will hop in the shower.  i have to do laundy, wash the car and grocery shop.

quick entry


this is a quick entry due to the fact i should have been sleep 5 hours ago.  i have been constantly coughing and that's keeping me awake.  i hope that i can make it through the entire evening. maybe i will work better tired.  who knows.  atleast i scheduled my service appt for my car and ordered the parts for my CPAP machine. now if i could only tackle this laundry.  {chuckle} nighty night time for me.  i need some rest.

sick today


i am sitting around the house sick as a dog.  i feel horrible.  i think that i picked up a cold when i went out on friday.  it makes me not want to go out anymore if i have to worry about getting sick everytime that i do it. :(  the good thing about going out on friday was i ran into my co-worker Tamala Johnson.  she was there in support of another co-worker.  i thought that was great of her.  i also ran into Abram N. Fields. Crazy Fred, he and myself ended up going to the waffle house after the club.  we had a great time.  we laughed our asses off.  i guess because we were intoxicated.  we gave that waitress a hard time.  we tipped her well.  LOL

i need to get my laundry done and clean up my apartment but i am feeling crappy.  i still haven't decided whether or not i will make it into work tonight.  i will see how i feel this afternoon.  well, back to the couch for more adult swim. :)

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