Wed,Feb 23,05


i am feeling a little tired this morning.  i had a 2 hour session at the gym.  i am relearning everything that i have forgotten.  i am going to do this freehand without the structure of those workout websites.  it always become a chore when i use them.  i wish that i could go to bed right now but i have to go to Jefferson Mall to return some glasses.  i don't know why i bought them in the 1st place.  i knew that i would tire of the quickly.  oh well. i live and i learn.  i think i will take a short nap before i go.  i have to write Harvey back 1st.  Sabastian is running around driving me nuts with all of his whining.   he wants to play.  if i didn't have to leave back out i would play with him.  i hope to when i get back. well, until later.

Sun,Feb 13,05


here starts another work week.  i don't understand why i am so disorganized all of the time.  i try but it doesn't seem to work for me to be organized.  i knew that i had to go back to work this evening and i am just now going to the laundry.  i should have gone to the gym.  i didn't do that either.  i should have returned email and phone calls and i am just now getting to that.  what is my problem!  i lounged all weekend.  i guess that's a good thing.  i am sure that my production will be good this evening due to it.  i can't wait until wednesday!  i get my DVR box.  woo hoo!  i get to watch my Adult Swim again.  i am off to do laundry.  i spent the morning cleaning up the mess that i made around here this weekend. i forgot to add- i made 100% production for the week last week.  this is the 1st time for me in EM's.  it's like doing KFI production again for me. :)

Wed,Feb 09,05


i am in a good mood.  life is getting back to normal.  we got our AIP printouts last night.  i am going to have a nice chunk of change for my savings account.  i can't wait.  also, i am back to returning email and just getting into a normal routine.  i am going in at 8 pm tonight.  i like living in my new place.  i like the freedom of being able to do whatever i want without worrying about anyone else.  i like being around other people but i like this freedom also.  i am in the process of planning a dinner for coworkers.  i hope that everyone can make it.  we will see.  i am really tired right now.  see ya tomorrow.

Wed,Feb 02,05


i am happy that this work day is over with.  i ended up taking the medication that my doctor gave me and it made me drunk.  i just wanted to go to sleep and do nothing else.  i went to waffle house and got some food.  maybe that will help get some energy.  i need to pack and i haven't done anything.  :(   well off to manual labor land i now go.

Tue,Feb 01,05


i am in a frustrated mood today.  i just got in from the doctor and he put me on a bunch of new medicines.  i am not going to get that much sleep before work and i still have my anxieties.  i told my doctor about the panic attack the other night and how depressed i am.  i told him that i am thinking of harming myself or others.  the good news is the fact that i got my taxes done.  thank goodness that is over with for another year.  i will be glad when we get our bonuses.  i know that's not spent yet.  i can finally get ahead with things.  i am excited about my move.  i can't wait.  1 day closer.  today is sabastian's birthday.  i was going to buy him something but i thought against it.  it will just be another thing to move.  i will get him something in the new place.  :-)  i am about to fall out of this chair.  nappy nap time.

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