Thu,Jan 27,05

just got off the phone with Insight communications.  i have them jumping through hoops to make sure that i am able to get cable service at the new place.  they are working on this pretty quickly whick is a surprise to me.  i hope that i can get my appointment for install just as fast.  it is supposed to get warmer later on in the week and on the day of the move is supposed to be the warmest day.  i hope that i get my w2s pretty soon.  anthem is bullshitting with sending them out.  everyone else in the world has sent them out and we have to wait for jesus to walk the earth again to get ours.  i needs my money.  sabastian was good last night.  i didn't have to kick his ass when i got home today.  once we move he will be able to run around until his head falls off.  i will get to sleep in my bedroom without him being in there.  i am scared to see what the rest of the house will look like when i get up. oh well!  off to la la land.

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