Sun,Jan 16,05

it's been a couple of days since i have written. thank God i am getting back to my normal self. i am going back on my medication. i am going through mental ups and downs. i am feeling great today though. i am taking things day by day. i am actually in the process of updating my filing system. i am throwing away things that i really don't need. it's about time. :) tomorrow my week starts over. i have to make sure that i get atleast 8 hours of sleep each night. this is part of my problem also. oh well, time to update the calendar with the medication updates. i am going to start going to the gym. i am embarrassed by my weight. i am getting fat. i have to take care of this. :( i also have to make sure i get de-worming medication for Sabastian. he is a little needy right now. i guess he is a little irritated. well, gotta go.

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